In the pond

Here are some of altered book pages from my art journal;
Me and my Bubble
Me and my Bubble. A page I made after Maria and I cut out fishes and other ocean themed pictures from her dad’s old diving magazines, some from 1970’s. I found some great imagery in them.

Another winter spread. Feeling the cold all the time right now.

Inspiration right now

♥ I’ve listened to Greg Patillo quite a few times today, the Super Mario tune on flute (with beat boxing) makes me happy.

Right now I’m enjoying Mattie and Den’s casita pictures and the colorful photos of this home/lab found via Effy!

And as we talk lots of colours, I really like the Mix and match chairs! So fun and inspiring! And I’m adding this to my list of reads; XTs inspiration blog decor mag with scanned pictures from different magazines! Eye candy galore!

I want to change everything about my home and where we live right now. Throw out all the ugly, repaint, redo, buy new… I hope the feeling will pass soon!

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  1. Hej!! Visste inte att ni hade ‘Garage Sales” i Sverige! Kul :) H?r b?rjar dm dyka upp i Mars, elle s? fort det blir lite varmare.

    F?rresten – paket till dig skickades p? Fredag. Det blev lite dyrt s? det kommer om 3-4 veckor. Hoppas det ?r okej. Tidningen “Home Companion” med Kaffe Fassett ?r med, och s? lite annat.


  2. Hana, as usual your links are wonderful. I didn’t realize that XT had started scanning in interiors – so fun. Desire to Inspire posts lots of great interiors, too.

    Love the casita. Most people would hate that kind of thing but I love it. They live near where I used to live so it really made me sentimental!


  3. Beautiful photos on those flickr links!!! A home must evolve…I started with white walls, wooden furniture and a bit of blue here and there. Now there is only one white wall left in the house, red, yellow and aqua have taken over and I am always adding something. Remaking old furniture and sewing curtains and covers can give a room a completely different look and it?s so much fun! You will have the home of your dreams someday!

  4. I want to paint and redecorate my house as well. I seem to be safe from a major overall merely because I can’t decide on colors! Maybe someday…

  5. ?h, jag vill ocks? g?ra om mitt hem (och de d?r f?rgglada livfulla fotona inspirerade verkligen), kanske dags med ett nytt stort projekt? :)

    Dina konstsidor ?r alltid s? vackra, du ?r inspirerande, Hanna!

    Har du sett det h?r? :)

  6. Happy Valentine’s Day Hannah! I was perusing the web looking for ideas for collage greeting cards. I’ve never made any and would love to learn. I somehow found my way to your blog in the process. What an incredible blog you have! I’ve so enjoyed it here, searching through various posts. You have such a wide range of creative interests and super, duper ideas. I’m going to post a link to you at my blog, so I can find my way back again. xoxoxo

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