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Permission to Rest

I read an article over at Creativity Portal about permission to rest in our creative work. It is such a nice thing, to rest. Take a break. Walk away. Think of something else. Take a walk for a while. We all need that permission sometimes. Here is an extract from the article: Related PostsThe creative […]

Folded Paper Box

In a world full of people, only some want to fly, isn’t that crazy? Seal Most of the books in Books Unbound by Michael Jacobs don’t look like books. There are all kind of engineered paper crafted things, but nothing very appealing if you ask me. Hideous colours and strange formations. The only thing I […]

I need a white pen

Spread in my art journal. I need a white pen to fill in some text on this page I think. I’m getting really comfortable writing on the pages I make now. It’s what I’ve been wanting to do for a while now. I like that these pages are so large that I fit a lot […]

Notebook with Cream Colored pages

The latest book I’ve bound and made has bought turquoise marbleized paper, with gold and brown speckles on the cover. It’s a special bookbinding paper, and it’s beautiful if you ask me. The pages are 80 gram cream colored printing paper, perfect for simple daily writing and journaling. Probably I will want to write in […]

today’s indexcard

Found the very cool Card Generator via Michelle’s blog, and I love this. So fun! I’ll be producing lots of cards. Fun fun fun! I’m taking a lot of self portraits this week, trying to get back into doing some photography. Documenting life as it is. I took some nice pictures of me and Smilla […]

Newspaper box

My friend Anita showed me how to make a box (or something flat) out of stripes of newspaper. I thought it was a fun idea, and I will most defently make more of these. Mine is very small, but she has made larger ones too. Simple recycable and fun craft. Related PostsExperiments with acrylic paint […]

Recycle your love

Recycle your love, over and over again. That’s my advice. Unbranding by Keri Smith – my favorite is the toothpaste tube! lonely-dog-project – tag a dog in the snow recycled slide books – tiny and cute How to Plan an Earthy Valentine’s Day Evening found art – Rosa is doing art and letting it go […]

In the pond

Here are some of altered book pages from my art journal; Me and my Bubble. A page I made after Maria and I cut out fishes and other ocean themed pictures from her dad’s old diving magazines, some from 1970’s. I found some great imagery in them. Another winter spread. Feeling the cold all the […]

Blank hard bound journals

People who keep journals have life twice.Jessamyn West Two hand bound books that I’ve made. A gray one with linen fabric as cover, and a black book covered with patterned plastic fabric. Both contains white blank drawing papers, great for sketching, water colours or gluing things in. I’m always looking for blank books like these […]