Found the very cool Card Generator via Michelle’s blog, and I love this. So fun! I’ll be producing lots of cards. Fun fun fun!

Me in the mirrorI’m taking a lot of self portraits this week, trying to get back into doing some photography. Documenting life as it is. I took some nice pictures of me and Smilla in the kitchen today, but they are still in the camera. It’s like my head, filled with ideas and articles that needs to be poured down into paper/a word document. But I think the cord is lost. The cord from my head to the computor that is.

Via lifehacker I also found a place to make comic stripe with your own photos. I haven’t tried it yet, but I will. It looks fun, and maybe you could print stripes to your art journal?

Have fun!

Oh, did I ever link you to the cookie text generator, It’s very silly, but so is this post. ;-)