How about a Filing System for Collage? I’m trying it out.

Filing System for Collage and folders, by Hanna Andersson

I bought a bunch of these vintage folders and a rack to hang them in at the thrift store (tervinningen) last year. The plastic label holders I got new from a office supplies store (Svanstrms), and then I printed labels to put into them.

I have categorized most of my magazine imagery into big chunks like Animals, Nature and People, but I also have a small collection of special images that I always cut out when I find them; like Roses, Birds and Frogs.

Yes, frogs. I love frogs!

Image organization folders

A Filing System for Collage

I really like this filing system for collage a lot. The folders are easy to use, and always accessible by my side at the table. I can take them up and open them on the desk or on my lap to check what I have, and it is really easy to also sort images down into them again. When I go some where for the week end, I bring a couple of magazines to cut out from, or add what I think I’ll want to a plastic sleeve.

Paper collection

Of course there will always be messy drawers and stacks of wraping paper and not sorted images in the house, that is just how I am, but at least some images will be easy to find now and the folders are also pretty to look at if you ask me. I might sew some cover for the ugly rack, but that is a whole other project/story.