In a world full of people,
only some want to fly,
isn’t that crazy? Seal

Most of the books in Books Unbound by Michael Jacobs don’t look like books. There are all kind of engineered paper crafted things, but nothing very appealing if you ask me. Hideous colours and strange formations. The only thing I felt like trying was a little paper box, with decorated sides. I made it yesterday, and it’s the first paper box I’ve ever folded (as far as I can remember).

Folded paper box

Folded Paper Box

My little paper box is very sturdy and neat, decorated with two different kinds of paper (one is bookbinding marbelized paper in red). I was surprised when I glued it together and noticed that all the sides lined up! Usually I tend to create cute but crocked things, accuracy is not my thing. I’m more the kind of gal that starts a project and don’t think or measure to much.

Folded paper box

Maybe it’s my book binding teacher Charlotte that is affecting me in a positive direction? She is the Queen of Measuring and straight lines, book binding pro that she is. Or maybe (probably) it was just a mere accident this time. Here’s her doing her thing:

C making a book cover