Christmas gifts that I made

I made all of my home crafted Christmas presents during December, really in the last minute, I know! But everything was wrapped and ready to go on Christmas Eve, so I’m glad I hurried to make what I had planned to make.

To give somebody a home made gift is great, especially when you know they will appreciate and understand the love that the gift was made with. If you get a home made gift you know you have been good, right? I made two art pieces for my guy and two fabric presents for his nephew, the only child on his side of the family (14 months now). I didn’t make anything for my own family this year, because they went to Thailand over Christmas.

The first art piece I made is a very small one, but it has a lot of meaning to me.

Heart art

Heart art - side It’s a heart in a little box. The red glass heart symbolizes my own heart, and the box will keep it protected. As I gave it to the man I love, it is kind of a symbolic gift of my love to him. I know that he will keep it safe. Plus, even if it falls down it will be protected and land on a soft surface, the red fabric. The heart will stay up on the wall even if the glue fails to keep it in place – just like he does for me, each day of the year.

The word above the heart is dröm (dream). On the outside of the tin can I’ve added other good words for extra protection and encouragement, both aiming outward and inward, for both him and me, and others who will look at this little art piece. I’ve already cleaned a second tin can for another art piece! Blue babies I think I will call it.

Docksängen I sewed together a little quilt for a vintage doll bed that Felix got for Christmas. I also made a small pillow for the dolls that will sleep in this bed. The vintage doll bed is a heritage from his grandfather. Isn’t it cute?

Doll quilt and pillow

Doll quilt - detail

Skull sweater for a kiddo As you can see he got a pair of slippers with skulls on (not from me), look under the doll bed in the photo above. They have lights in them that will lit when he walks, very cool shoes. I like the image of a skull that decorate so many items these days, both on clothes, boxes, note books and bags. With the help of my friend Maria, I made a fleece hoodie for Felix with skulls on. It is very soft and warm, and fun to make.

I can’t decide if making the item or giving it away is the most fun. Maybe it is the combination of the two, and element of surprise and secrecy before Christmas. What do you think? Did you give or get anything home made this Christmas?

Oh, the second “art piece” or what ever I should call it is a bead wall hanging of our cat Smilla, but I haven’t taken a good photo of it yet. The beads are plastic, but I can’t find the English name right now (indianpärlor)!

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  1. I really like your art piece. Your explaination of the meaning behind it lovely. That doll quilt is too cute!

  2. Hello! Please don’t stop taking and posting pictures of your work, it’s very inspirational. I love your gifts – and I totally agree with you that there is a special satisfaction in getting AND giving handmade gifts. Sometimes people will comment that “you could sell this” – but I seems to never have anything to sell – as it’s already given away ; ).

    Keep up the good work.

  3. That doll bed is divine and the little quilt, adorable. I love the heart in the little tin box. I want to know what all of those words say going around the outside.

    Thanks for the kind thoughts on my blog! I enjoy hearing from you. For the writing thing, you just have to sit down and do it. Don’t think about it too much.

    Your spelling is endearing.

  4. I love the photos most of all and often get sad when I cannot see them up close! You should write a book…you are so good at how to and using what you have to create something new! Gott Nytt ?r!!!

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