Little is more than nothing

Such a beautiful name for such a horrible thing.

There are 3000 people missing from Sweden right now. I can’t even grasp this figure.

Both P and me now have visitied Läkare utan gränser (Médecins Sans Frontiéres in Sweden) and contributed with some money to help, because a little is more than nothing – always!

I hope you are helping too, when and if you can.

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  1. I am so sorry about the missing Swedes Hanna! Hope none of your relatives/friends were out there.

    On top of monetary donations, I am donating 50% of my lipbalms and soaps and have donated some products to Also, the churches in Northern Ireland are collecting clothes and san pro so and we all cleared our wardrobes of summer clothes we can live without.

    I think the wahmall donations are a good way to raise money. I don’t know if europeans can take part at the auction, I suppose an email to Sun (the wahmall coordinator) will clear any doubts. She is very friendly.

  2. they released the names of the missing norwegians yesterday and the number almost halved in a matter of hours. same in denmark. we can only hope that the same will happen in sweden if they decide to publish a list of the missing persons.

  3. This tragedy makes me speachless with compassion. My heat goes out to your country and all those in grief with the loss of lives. (BTW. I just found your blog and am enjoying reading your archives.)

  4. Hi Hanna,

    I found this cool project on the net (or rather, it did found me!) and I was wondering if you would like
    to make an announcement on your blog since you are part of a ring that has people who are nifty with the needle and the thread!.

    It is about a quilt made out of different donated squares that will be auctioned
    to raise funds for the Tsunami victims.

    Here’s the link

    Hope you agree


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