I didn’t sleep at all last nigh… My mind is spinning around, making weaves of dreams and tying my stomach to a tight knot. I just couldn’t fall asleep! I made lists, read a magazine, surfed some blogs, edited a text… Closed my eyes and couldn’t sleep.

Maybe I slept to much when we were in Winter Wonderland this week? Or maybe I need to calm down with all my Big Ideas, New Year Plans and Long Lists of things to achieve?

One small candle in the snow

I’m reading through the posts of last year, 2006, and saving everything into a big Word document. As I read through I correct words I’ve misspelled. These are some words I’ve misspelled almost all the time;

parents garden/home should be parent’s garden/home

computor –> computer

allways –> always

glas –> glass

wich –> which

favourit –> favorite

chinese –> Chinese

techniqes –> techniques

easter –> Easter

stoped –> stopped

challange –> challenge

tryed –> tried

acctually –> actually

allready –> already

specially –> especially

Sorry about not checking the spelling sooner, and correcting at least my most common mistakes. But as I add them to the Word document I correct everything and edited out my mistakes and flaws. I hope The Year of the Dog will become a bound book at Lulu sometimes soon. I don’t expect many of you will want a copy, but it will be available with some “extras” in book form when I finish. I will order a copy or two to archive and read when my memory of last year fades…

Candles in the window

I just can’t believe how many posts filled with photos I did last year. Maybe I should stop doing those, to save time and craft and write more. I have so many thoughts on writing right now – I have just to decide where to start…