My pile of bound paper have been growing at the Bookbinding class, but nothing was evolving to a book. Until now, when I’ve made my first real book, my first masterpiece, a blank note book with drawing papers and a gray cover!

My pile of book projects and papers bound

I know you will think I made this since I’m posting it like I did, but I can hardly believe it myself. I made a book! It’s unbelievable to me, almost. If I couldn’t clearly remember the glue and the measuring of the cover I wouldn’t believe I made this book. My first, and hopefully there will be more!

I made this book
I made it without the spine piece, without cutting the pages at the edges and with a lot of small mistakes and the cover is all crooked edges. But in the end it looks like a book, and it feels like a book. And it is my book! Mine!

Bookshelf decoration

Bookshelf decoration

I’ve loved books since I was a kid, and though I have never set out to collect books my bookshelf is weighed down with lovely novels, coffee table books, children’s books and books to be read in the future. I enjoy books with beautiful design and tempting covers, interesting names and content that keeps you reading for hours without noting the time passing!

And I’ve written about my big passion for notebooks before, about a new one and a bunch of old ones. Imagine being able to make books with the papers that you want to use, in colors and forms you need? It makes me feel like Goddess almighty of note books!

This is the beginning of a great craftsmanship for me.