Buying handmade journals and notebooks at Etsy

My first book restoration

I think there are great stuff to be found if you dig around on Etsy, like awesome handmade journals. Check out Etsy – where I also sell stuff and sometimes journals.

I’ve been checking out journals at Etsy, because I made that notebook junkie magnet so I’ve been thinking of my notebook addiction, and sporting it.

The seller bibliophil has a fun deal where he makes the book and you decide how you want it; design your own journal!

Kreativlink makes beautiful leather journals but as I’m not very found of leather I’d pick the vegan kind with painted fabric covers instead.

I also love the thick book of the deckled edge bindery, check out the green alligator one for example…


As I was just looking at handmade journals and Clare of Tiger Food Press in Portland tricked me (with a sale!) into buying (even though I did not really need one) a hand bound blank journal with a letterpress printed cover with silhouettes of flying peregrine falcons. It was only 19 USD (150 sek) including shipping to Sweden… I couldn’t help myself.

But actually looking at all of these gorgeous handmade books makes me more eager to make my own handmade journals and notebooks, more so than buying them. I guess I’m that kind of hands on gal after all.

DIY rocks.

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  1. thanks for the link to the etsy seller! I added him to my faves so I could buy one when i have the $.
    but really, what i want to do, is learn how to make my own!! I’ve never been a sewer, is it hard to learn to make them? any good how to sites or articles you could point out? I’ll have to come back and search your blog, I bet you have some info. under bookbinding, duh!
    I just love your blog-I sometimes forget to stop by (I have to many on my list) but when I do, it’s always full of inspiration-thank you:)

  2. I thought the same thing so I took a workshop to do just that. It was one of the most difficult things I have ever made! I will never make another, as a consequence I will most likely leave it blank and fill the store bought ones which took less effort, less personal investment, less poked fingers and frustration.

  3. Oh, this is a fantasy of mine, buying handmade journals! As I move along on my journaling year I am hoping to learn more and more what I like in the journals I’ve already bought (many of which are not independently made!).
    I am enjoying catching up with your blog after being SO busy.

  4. Trish,
    tell me about having to may blogs to read… I know all about it. There are lots of tutorials and books on book binding, and there is many ways to do it. To make a proper book you have to do a gazillion steps, but you can also just do it the easy way, I made my art journal with the tutorial Teesha Moore has on her site. You can do it!

    Thanks for taking the time to comment, I appreciate it!

  5. thanks for the advice!! I am going to check out her tutorial. I signed up for a class with Zura, from creative clown, and there’s directions for Japanese stitching (I think that is what it was called) it looked like it might be ok? not sure though-I know me, I wouldn’t keep it up if there’s a gazillion steps, I don’t have the patience-
    hope you have a great weekend!!

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