What fits into a matchbox?

I signed up for the Matchbox Swap, asking myself;

– What fits into a matchbox?
– Nothing really I guess, it is so small…

Solstickan Swedish Matchbox

So I couldn’t resist the Matchbox Swap, I had to sign up and join, just to see what I could give away that would fit inside a small sized matchbox. I took it as my challenge. And oh, it’s been so fun both to make my box and to receive one.

If you haven’t tried swapping over the Internet, this is a great way to start out at. You can trade just about anything, from original art to socks, pictures, candy, ephemera or Artist Trading Cards. It’s like treating yourself with a small present – and for me half the fun this time was to put together the package I sent away.

What I sent in the Matchbox Swap

I fit small stickers, some ribbon and different kinds of beads, inside my matchbox. I added these since my swap partners stated that she is a crafty person. I recently found a small package of skull beads in different colours, and I love them, so a few of those went inside the box too.

The Treasures inside the box for the Matchbox Swap

I fit everything into this small matchbox from Solstickan, which is a Swedish symbol of charity and sharing (and great design if you ask me). This matchbox brand has been around for 70 years and each box sold earns money for children and elderly people in need. On their site they say that during these years they’ve collected 100 million Swedish crowns, which I think is very cool. I knew I wanted this brand as my box for the swap.

Tiny beads, buttons and ribbons inside a matchbox

This is what I got in the swap this time:

A match box of joy
Matchbox Swap - the content that I got back
Isn’t it all just lovely?

Inside a decorated box I got a bracelet, a yellow finger flashlight, a lady bug, a black and white necklace (which I really like) and green glass fishes to hang from your purse or any zipper. Never seen anything like this, and these are my little treasures.

Matchbox envelope, card, wrapping

First I opened the envelope, then the little silk bag, then found all the lilac paper confetti and inside was this cute little wrapped match box with the word “joy” on top. And a handmade / drawn cat card. And what a joy it was, like getting a Christmas present. It’s really strange that I’m such a sucker for cute and childish things, still.

I know that if some of my friends read this, they are now looking at this post and thinking Here she goes again, this crazy girl that will never grow up properly, writing and doing things they just can’t figure out why anybody sane would do. Right? But I hope most of my readers are like-minded, and “get” this joy…

You just have to see the joy in the small things around you girls!

Anyway, as you can see on the above picture, the content I received was both cute and inventive.

I found the Matchbox Swap over at the great site Swap-bot. If you love swapping online, I think you should check them out. My first swap at Swap-bot was the tip-in pages with a Women of Influence theme. I only got four pages (out of five), but enjoyed that swap a lot anyway.

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  1. Var hittade du de d?r d?skalle p?rlorna?

    One little puzzle fits in a matchbox, like the one I found on a flea market earlier this autumn!

    Nice things!

  2. Oh, very cool swap! I think we are the same kind of “crazy” because I love small things, skull beads, and swaps :o)

  3. Oh, I can understand you so well! :) Swapping is so much fun, and I really loved this matchbox swap. I wish we would have opened a Flickr group, and that way we could have seen all the lovely boxes. Mind you, I think I’m much older than you, so you can imagine what my friends are saying everytime I scream, “I got a package! I got a package!” :-))

  4. “You just have to see the joy in the small things around you girls!”

    Thank you….i am really really needing to be reminded of that lately. :) Your blog makes me smile.

  5. T?ndsticksaskar ?r ju snajsiga till julkalendrar ocks?.. ;) Vad s?ta de d?r katterna var som du sytt! Mjauilicious! :D

  6. i’m happy to hear that you like the machbox. i had so much fun putting it together. have a nice day :o)

  7. I am joining Hagit in the excitement! The small crafty swaps are best on Swap-bot! The box you received is very pretty and I would not have thought to cover our solstickan…they are such a classic!

  8. I found another great way to use matchboxes – mini chest-of-drawers! Try gluing four boxes together, two on the bottom, two on the top. wrap colored paper (be it sparkly, scenic or plain) around the outside of the boxes, hiding the original text. You can paste a colorful rectangle on the end of the drawer (these are the sliding things that open up out of the matchbox casing), or paint it, and stick in paper fasteners for the handles. Once the chest of drawers is dry you stick in your four drawers – and there you have it, a mini chest-of-drawers to put away all your jewelry, beads or other delights!
    And I’m sorry if I didn’t explain it fully, or if it didn’t make sense but its the best I could do ;)

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