Setting up the living room table infront of the telly for a moment of creative fun:

Setting up for a moment of fun
Spreading my creative wings to every room in the house. Everything I need in convinient reach: the remotcontrols, iced coffee, paint brushes, glue, gesso, paper scraps and some acrylic paints. Mmm! I was very inspired (as usual) by Juju this week, and instead of bookmarking and thinking that is something I could do some day, I just did it – at once.

Messing up the living room is what you can do when you are home alone, and don’t have a spousy that wants to have breathing room beside you. And I need to be kind to me, since I know he was “doing” San Fran and is also teasing me from afar! That shouldn’t really be allowed.

A couple of hours later. I coverd the brownpaper, and will contineu to work on it soon. I did one red collage and one blue, with just torn patterned magazine pages. I love how these kind of collages looks like nothing and then – sparkle because I get so satisfied with my effort.

Cat on stuff
My cat was helping, by not asking for much, specially not much space to sleap on. Here she is on the pink puff chair I got for my birthday this year. But right now she is laying by my side in the sofa, where she tend to spend more and more time as we get to know each other. My heart melts every time she climbes aboard when I’m reading in the sofa.

I hope you had a creative day too!