Make voyages! Attempt them… there’s nothing else.
Tennessee Williams

Register with collageSometimes it is very easy to make each day more bright. Why be dull when you can have colours and pretty images? Why go plain when we all have the ability to change?

I bought a register with yellow plastic flabs with number on them (one to five).

I put them in an ugly binder and noticed that they were not nice at all, not me. So I dug up some really old pictures that I’ve been saving for 15 years in a folder (guess I’ve been a picture collector all my life) and used some of the ones I still like on the register pages, both front and on the backside of them.

Do the picture I chose say something about me? Perhaps…

Five pages of decorated register - Copyright Hanna Andersson

My themes:

* animals (cows, a chicken, giraffes, birds, zebras, elephants)
* flower bouquets
* houses, nature and sunshine
* tennessee williams (smoking, blä! infront of his ♥ typewriter)
* children
* vintage cars

Rebirth/birth seems to be a theme here:

Register with collage copyright Hanna Andersson of

I just know I will love to put school papers in a ring binder between these register pages!