Set up for work

Inspired by the photo Hanne took of her garden office I took this photo of my office this week. I love this room so much, it’s like my only home right now. In the summer we have every meal out here, even breakfast on rainy days because then dad turns the heat on and closes the windows.

I’ve been sitting outside uploading images and looking through your blogs, drinking iced coffee (frape) and writing some by hand too or picking up the book I’m reading right now.

My Moleskine

I’m writing in my Moleskine diary almost daily right now. Complaning, raving. drawing (not much) and trying to figure things out. The pages really helps me a lot. Below is a scanned spread about what journaling means to me (in Swedish). I recently read somewhere about how important journaling can be, and it made me think about who writes and who doens’t and if there is a difference in our life. I think so, in a lot of different ways.

I for example belive that I, who have been writing a diary my entire life, know my taste, my goals and what is important to me better because I’ve written so many pages about my life and these subjects. Over and over again. Putting my pen to paper has made me a better person in many many ways I think. What do you think about keeping a diary?

Om dagboksskrivande