I’ve been to a birthday party. A real one, for a 1 year old boy. I packed my thrifted handbag and dressed, in yes you guessed right, pink top and flowery skirt! I wore my beautiful black thrifted shoes, that says clickty-clack when I walk. I wish I could wear beautiful shoes more often, but I tend to walk too much and hurt my feet when I do!

Party handbag

Birthday card for FelixI brought balloons, a wrapped present and a home crafted card made from water colour paper – very much inspired by a card I myself received from Susan at my birthday in April.

I gave birthday boy a beautiful little snow globe that I bought at Sagolika ting in town. It’s an old fashioned toy store with lots of beautiful wooden toys, colour and cuteness. I adore it, even if it has a “blue” and a “pink” area that is not appealing to my feminist side. And I adore snow globes, almost as much as I like music boxes. It is strange that I don’t own one single music box, and just one big snow globe that contains a white angel. I only bring it out for Christmas. But most of these items are made for children, I guess I need to start looking though… Maybe at loppis tomorrow?

Felix kalas

Anyway this snow globe had a light blue foundation. Inside there were a little dog sitting with his legs crossed on a giant pile of pillows, holding a spar with a heart. Unfortunately Felix played with it for about two minutes – and it broke. Water and glass all around, and no snow globe to look at and remember birthday number one by. I was the saddest one…

…but at least there were cake!