Lots of peopleHave you ever been to a Swedish flea market (loppis)? If you have, you know how fun they can be, and how much people they attract. If you haven’t, you can join me now. I took my camera and documented the flea market fun this Saturday.

Join me!

Lisa Larsson tiger
The tiger is made by Lisa Larsson, a swedish ceramic artist, and it is probably veeery expensive. All her stuff is nowadays.

Gunnar Str?ng
Typically swedish mix of ceramics and glass. I was eyeing the owl, but didn’t buy this one! I’m allways seeing owls, everywhere.

Expensive stuff
My friend Maria wanted me to take photos of these vases. Aren’t they pretty?

Dalah?star p? loppis
These horses are from a area in Sweden called Dalarna (dala h?st or Dalecarlian horse), and are bought as souvenirs when you visit there. But I guess there are a lot of collectors who are looking for them at flea markets now, because they are getting pricier.

Porclain people
A table like this I usually tend to just pass and not stop by. But if you look close some of these are really cute and fun – and of course kitschy like hell. They remind me of grandparents, times lost – and dusty shelfs.

Sm?r- & sockerl?dor
I was very close to buying one of these, they are wooden vintage sugar and butter boxes. I think they look great and would make beautiful flower pots – but I have no room for them right now. I don’t have a garden, just a very tiny balcony. So, maybe another year…

Vintage at loppis
Some tables are more like exhibitions of old times than real flea market stands. I adore this writing machine, and if I had an extra desk to spare, I would get it and just admire it’s elegance. It is just so much more beautiful than my smart laptop at home.

Marias hall furniture
Maria bid 50 SEK for this 1950th hallway bench, with a little drawer and a cushion to sit on – and she got it! Guess if she was one happy girl!?

What I bought? A lot of stuff, it will have to be a later post. The best thing though, was small bag of war ephemera (food coupons) for collages and vintage paper ribbon rolls, that looks like white lace. I adore it, and I’m so inspired by it! I hope I’ll have some time soon to sit down and use it.

I hope you enjoyed this tour, and that you’ll call me if you are going to a flea market and want company!

Take care!