Choosing a pen to write with

Thanks to everyone who sent messages about my sad blog statues this week, asking about me and the blog via twitter, sms and email (and also via flickr and instagram)! The company that hosts my domain has managed to make all files “invisible” several times during the past few days. Not sure if it’s a server script, a linux update or a technician doing it on purpose (because one of my plugins is “causing problem on the server” as they said). Getting mixed answers there. It’s oh soooo very frustrating when that happens. Glad it wasn’t hacked anyway. Today when it came back and I could read recent comments I almost cried. I’m not sure the issue is totally solved but one can hope!

But that is all boring stuff, right? Just thought that in the confusion you might not have seen the latest art journal peek, so take a peek!

Anyway. Not dwelling on the past I’m posting some new photos from my cozy home life. Well, actually it’s Creativity in Snapshots! Yay!

Tiny white buttons
Tiny white buttons as a sweet gift. Vintage, and super cute.

Sleepy monkey
“I’m taking over your bed” says my sock monkey. It’s okay says I, I’m setting up a crochet studio in the sofa tonight.

Healthy, tasty and easy to make. Newly boiled chick peas are being packed in my itty bitty tiny kitchen.

WTF new yarn
Yarn that I didn’t need but just had to buy because of the colour combinations. Yum!

I hope you have some awesome material to play with too!

Oh, btw if you feel like it, make five postcards with the theme empowering during the weekend, and then come back to sign up for the postcard swap. I’m keeping it open for a few more days since the site have been unreachable for two days! I hope you’ll consider joining us!