I’ve been allowed to dream the silly dreams of a child once again. I dream of a House of My Own one day…

Dream big, and I mean really really big. I dream about a white staircase that squeaks when I sneak up to my big studio. I dream about a rose garden where I can pick fresh flower for the breakfast table. I dream about buying furniture and recycling them with paint and embellishments. I dream about inviting all of my friends to art parties and sleep over weekends where we bike down to the lake and swim around before we have fresh fruit from the garden…

Shabby chic

I dream now, and the first step in the right direction is to nurture that Dream.

The second step is to start that note book of ideas that I’ve been thinking about for so long. A style file of a home.

Idea Book of a Home

I’m cutting into my stash of home decorating magazines and saving the How to-instructions in a plastic folder and gluing the beautiful interior and exterior pictures into a blank page notebook. A sketch book for ideas of beauty, both all whites and lovely colour explosions.

Idea Book Home

While doing this I notice what kind of images I’m drawn to, which rooms I like but don’t want to save for reference and which I have to cut out and look at over and over again. I notice I’m very drawn to white, but not the minimalistic. I love spots and stripes and flowers, but only in smaller spots or details. I adore vintage and cottage style but see the urban, with metallic and straight lines too bare. I want simple, but warm and cozy.

It is so beautiful in my dream, and invite you to come visit too!