Gifts out of the blue

Hello Kitty pen I got so much beautiful and wonderful gifts when I had my birthday in April that I don’t think I deserve to have anything more for at least a year. I’m spoiled enough, but a bunch of people don’t agree with that as is evident in this post. I must be liked, or blessed or something.

Favorite Finds folderGifts out of the blue is really the best ones, specially when they are such comprehension between the giver of gifts and the taste and liking of the receiver! For example, I got a small red ink pen with a Hello Kitty picture from my friend Anna. One end of the pen is a small stamp (!) that looks like mini Hello Kitty. I just love this little item, and that Anna thought about me, that she know me so well and was kind enough to gift me!

Another thing I kind of won, or got as a gift, is a blue folder where each page has a beautiful print in blue and is a compartment for ephemera of some kind. I’ve never seen anything like this ever in Sweden, and I adore this thing. I haven’t decided which of all my Favorite FINDS that will go in the compartments, but it won’t be difficult to fill it. All my drawers are full of unsorted papers, clipping, stamps, stickers and prints. I got the folder from Mary-Ann who is very generous with the readers of her blog 1 of 4 sisters.

Also, very unexpected, I got a bag to add to my stash:

Någon känner (till) mig
Got a whole pile of beautiful stuff from my friend Maria’s mother who I’ve never meet. She has cleaned out some cupboards I think. She obviously have heard about my taste because I got pink cotton yarn, flowery fabric and a rose fabric that I adore. Click to view bigger pictures of my favorite fabrics:

Sommarblommigt tygTyg fr?n Marias mammaSvart tyg med blommor

Ros p? beigt tyg
Isn’t that neat?

Thank you so much for these lovely gifts girls, also thank you to Claudia at Chest of drawers that agreed to do a swap with me! Also thank you to all who commented on my dream post below and everyone who has visited, commented and spent money at the new Shop with Mom. You all rock!

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  1. hi hanna!

    i’m happy that you enjoy your freebie! have fun filling your binder!!!!

    & i’m so happy for you & your new shop…i will be checking it out now!

    have a nice weekend!

    mary ann xx

  2. Hei, jeg fors?kte ? “Contact iHanna” men det kommer bare en melding om “illegal access”.
    Jeg har et vottem?nster til deg :)

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