100 % wool – a yarn shop visit

These pictures is from a newly opened yarn shop, 100 % ull in Torekällberget owned by a danish lady who knits and felts beautiful things with yarn. I’m so glad I brought my camera because when I see yarn shops in other blogs I just smile, it all looks so… great.

The whole shop smells of wool, and the shop is really worth a visit!

Lots of colorful wool

I was listening to Pointy sticks podcast a couple of weeks ago. I downloaded all eight episodes there is and listened to a lot of yarn and knit talk. And got very inspired to knit, try new things (like lace that I want to try to knit after Christine said it was much easier than it looks) and of course the urge to buy yarn.

On my wish list is sock yarn like these.

Last week I was shopping with Marika, thank you for all the help and inspiration on both knitting and writing!

In the yarn shop
Mom inside the 100 % ull shop.

We (Marika and I) went to two wonderful yarn stores in Gamla stan, called This side up (where I bought a crochet needle in transparent plastic with gold glitter inside!) and another one that I can’t remember the name of. Lovely expensive yarn in great colors and forms. I just had to buy some, from the sale bin! It was great fun, I also grabbed some Paris yarn for a pink summer top!


Just being in these yarn shops is inspiring, and makes me wish I had lots of money of course. I know I’ll visit them again once I have a job, hopefully in June 2007.

Yarn ahead!

This is the yarn I bought at the shop:

Ullgarn till en trja
Two colors of pink and one lovely green, from the sales bin again. On sale because it was some color changes that wasn’t supposed to be there. But I hope I can turn it into a nice wool sweater for me to wear this autumn/winter. Another big project! Yes, yes, yes.

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  1. Delicious! What lovely shops you have visited! I like the arrangement by colour and the breathing room around the displays so the yarn really pops out at you.

  2. I would love to visit 100% ull too! Your yarn looks so pretty, I’m sure it will turn into something pretty.

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