Summer is all about utflykter and shopping (actually thrifting) with mom.

Rose fabric at a treasure hunt in Nykping, Sweden #studioihanna

This week I went to Nykping with mom and some of her friends, to look at local thrift shops and fabric shops.

Some houses in Nykping. Isn’t it a cute little town?

Nyk?pings hus

The fabric shopping ladies We had coffee in a cute caf and in the evening we had dinner in the harbor. Lots of flea markets and antique shops, a great big craft shop where mom took out her little note book and jotted down some ideas for quilted bags to make! She got the idea for a handbag idea book from me of course.

Also a small fabric shop. You can tell these ladies are quilters, right? Each has a home made bag!

I bought the rose fabric you see above. It was not on sale, but I just fell in love. Falling in love with fabric is crazy, but fabric collectors do it all the time. It might be difficult to explain to someone who don’t have feelings for art materials, but I know you know what I felt. Cravings! Urge to spend a lot of money even though I knew I shouldn’t! Couldn’t walk away, asked for just a half meter and smile when I look at it.

With Mom in Nykping

Looking, thrifting, and finding inspiration.

Drink before dinnerWe’ve also visited Julita (with dad) and a barn in Katrineholm that was simply filled with second hand items. I thrifted a whole bag of old letters with nice handwriting, and magically beautiful vintage postcards. Guess if I was a lucky girl that day? Yes I was, yes I was!

More on thrifting and finding finds will come, with yarn shopping pictures and Stockholm adventures I had. Now I’m of to eat dinner, but first a drink with grandma and my parents. Mmmm!

Did I say it before: I love summer time.