New wrapping paper

Bokrea is a annual happening in Sweden. It’s when all book stores start the big book sale of the year on February 23. I have spent the weekend in fjällen so I couldn’t go until today. But I went to three different book store today, and was tempted to buy about four or five books, but didn’t. I still have Harry waiting for me… Instead I got four roles of beautiful magic wrapping paper! Magic!

I only got one book, the Svenska skrivregler (Swedish writing rules) by Svenska Språknämnden. I’ll bring it with me on my three week long practical occupational training at a local newspaper (starting on Monday).

Svenska skrivregler
Also got a glue stick and a black notebook with blanc pages! Plus a mini notebook for the handbag (it was only 15 SEK)…

Last week I got this, I have to iron it, and after that I think it might become my favorite shirt:

Dotted shirt

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