Dotted shirt

New wrapping paper

Bokrea is a annual happening in Sweden. It’s when all book stores start the big book sale of the year on February 23. I have spent the weekend in fjällen so I couldn’t go until today. But I went to three different book store today, and was tempted to buy about four or five books, but didn’t. I still have Harry waiting for me… Instead I got four roles of beautiful magic wrapping paper! Magic!

I only got one book, the Svenska skrivregler (Swedish writing rules) by Svenska Språknämnden. I’ll bring it with me on my three week long practical occupational training at a local newspaper (starting on Monday).

Svenska skrivregler
Also got a glue stick and a black notebook with blanc pages! Plus a mini notebook for the handbag (it was only 15 SEK)…

Last week I got this, I have to iron it, and after that I think it might become my favorite shirt:

Dotted shirt

Also see: Last years post about the bokrea.

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  1. I’ve also been looking for nice price books on the bokrea. So far I’ve found a few children books besides a cooking book “K?rlek, oliver och timjan” by famous Anna Bergenstr?m. I have a few cooking books by this lady from before and had been thinking of buing this book for a while. I finally decided to do so when I found a receipy of Chilean pirogues. I love all kinds of pirougues!

    The book you’ve found, “Svenska skrivregler, seems really interesting. My husband and I are thinking of bying it!

    Best of luck with your practical occupational training at the local newspaper!

  2. What a nice shirt…I am beginning to like pink after seeing all of your ideas. We brought almost 800 sek worth of books…Chick lit for me, guitar notes, Flera spr?k lexikon, and Kalle Anka!…Love the paper! Where can I find it?

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