IKEA notebook with bat, photographed by Hanna Andersson

IKEA is one of my favorite stores, not only because it’s 1) Swedish and 2) cheap but also because I find it inspiring (although tiring) to walk through the big storehouse close to Stockholm. And now they’ve got the most beautiful line of paper goods, including notebooks, washi tape, wrapping paper, boxes and more.

When I got a new shelf for the studio I also bought tape, stickers and this soft cover notebook with blank (!) pages. I couldn’t resist it. I love the neon pink spine and the vintage style illustration of a bat on the cover. When I got home the absurd of this purchase hit me: bats are the one (of very few animals) that I don’t like at all. They actually scares me! I developed almost a phobia for them when I was traveling in Asia…

Field Notes notebook
IKEA finds

But the notebook (including bat image) is lovely, don’t you agree?

Now all I need to figure out is what to fill this notebook with… Any suggestions?