My fave art supplies comes from thrift stores

Pink Hankie (thrifted!)
I might be a shopaholic when it comes to secondhand. I get a kick out of finding good materials for art, and I think I have to say that shopping in op-shops and good wills and flea markets gives me a kick almost as good as creating the art itself! Do you know the feeling?

Today at Studio Friday the theme is fave art supplies, and I came to think about everything I want to do right now. Like I said yesterday, it’s just to much. Even if I worked 10 hours a day I wouldn’t keep up with the inspiration and ideas and the ever growing list of materials and patterns I want to try – and I can’t even work that hard. I get tired and stay in my pyama some days. I drink my morning coffee so slowly that lunch hours arrives before I’ve finished…

Anyway, as you can tell by the massive categories I use I want to do everything and day by day I do it. No problem. I sew and collect fabric, I crochet and knit, I love paper craft and do collages and save magazines for ever. I’ve even tryed quilting wish I’m fascinated by but scared off. And more! So as you see I couldn’t really chose pearls or yarn over fabric and water colours. Or my camera over my computer! Or my stash of magazine clippings and paper collection over the felted wool, the sewing machine or the black writing pens for my diary! Impossible! :-)

Anyway. For Studio Friday today I chose thrifted stuff as favourit art supplies. And then it can be just about anything that I can use anywhere in my crafty and arty adventures. And for pictures, I’ve got lots of them. Here are some stuff I got yesterday:

Rose pink fabric - thrifted
Two big pieces of pink rosy fabric (love this one!) for 20 SEK.

Thrifted at Kupan
And the whole lot together. Another baby doll for another doll assemblage I think, a old and emty diary with red lock and with pages that were yellow at the edges. So cool, I don’t know if I can write in it? It looks like a diary for a young girl in love… oh, the days. And a book called Bild och form (picture and shape) about how creating freely is developing for kids.

Baby in perambulator
Bigger picture of the baby in the cute mini pram (5 SEK). For a little cupboard piece of art (shrine like)?

And here are some previous pictures of thrifted things that I haven’t blogged yet:

Plate with gold edge
Another plate. I don’t know how this happened, but now I have a growing collection of these! Why? They are pretty (and good for cat food actually). Most of them have roses on thought. Also thrifted the green fabric underneath the plate. I’m so into green right now.

Blue pearls
A unused set of pearls for candles and table decoration (15 SEK) that I couldn’t walk away from.

And no, that is not enough. My mother-not-in-law knows me too well, she gives me her “left overs”:

A present for me
Two odd right hand mittens with beautiful patterns to alter or do “something” with. And a reel with linen thread! I just thought the whole compositions laying in my table was beautiful. Beautiful enough for a photo?

Vintage Magazine holder
I also got a vintage magazine holder (plastic) with cool green pattern on + lots of strange art magazines from 1960-80 with b/w images and text to use in my collages.

Do you see the possibilities in all of these things? I do. I’m ready to sew, collage, cut out, reuse, paint, read, write and make a baby shrine! Another day, when I don’t feel so tired.

What would you do?

Inspired by Studio Friday and other’s favorite art supplies added this week.

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  1. I totally agree what you say about thrifted items! But of course: you ?re same nationality as Pippi the “tingfinder” (what?s that in english by the way??)

    Enjoy your weekend – or was it summer holidsay – for how long??

  2. I love thie idea of of thrifted items as an art supply! They are my favorite art supply too! I am fascinated by the secondhand….it stimulates my creativity so much when i imagine where the object might have been before it wound up in a secondhand shop!

    You photos and blog are just lovely! it I love your Book of Dreams! Just beautiful! :)

  3. A girl after my own heart! I love thrift stores ! My dream is to take a cross country trip and stop at every thrift store on the way!
    You items are the best and the presentation excellent. Great collection!

  4. Helt enig, Hanna! Jeg er nok ogs? en s?kalt shoppaholiker n?r det gjelder bruktbutikker og loppemarkeder, jeg bare elsker ? finne ting som jeg kan bruke som de er, eller lage noe om p?. Den dagboka du fant s? virkelig fin ut. Dukkene ogs?. Har alltid v?rt s? glad i dukker, i alle st?rrelser. :o) Likte ogs? det stoffet med roser som du fant. Blir nok noe fint ut av det n?r du f?r sydd.

  5. I put my dogs water in an upside down ornate glass jelly mold from a thrift shop. It looks so much nicer than a stainessstell dog bowl.

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