I am the Great Thrift Girl, always looking for luck. I love thrifting, i.e. finding second hand goods and lovingly bringing them back to my own home.

Thrift Girl strikes sugar again: Sugar bowl with a lid - Photo copyright by Hanna Andersson, Sweden #loppislycka

It was a rather long time since I did a post on what I scored on my thrifting adventures. This does not mean I have stopped going to thrift shops, only that it’s been a while since I took the time to take photos of what I buy. Last weekend I did snap a few photos so here we go, a thrifting post! I came home with a whole lot of beautiful items. I hope you like them!

The sugar bowl was a nice
and unusual (for me) buy! The cream color together with that gold and turquoise was just enchanting. I love porcelain more and more. The amount of coffee cups I pick up each time I stand by a porcelain shelf is huge, and each time I say: “Oh, look at this, look at that – it’s sooo pretty!”

Embroidered napkins - Photo copyright by Hanna Andersson, Sweden #loppislycka
Embroidered roses on white fabric napkins. There are six of them and they are so darn vintagey cute! I don’t know if I will be able to cut into them and use the roses in a project or of I will keep them as they are? They are exquisite I think.

Will become something soon - Photo copyright by Hanna Andersson, Sweden #loppislycka
Will become something soon… guess what? :-) I’ve been looking for this thingie for a long time so I was happy to finally find one. What are they called?

Thrifted by mom - Photo copyright by Hanna Andersson, Sweden #loppislycka
Blue and white china. This was mom’s find, she has a Chinese inspired window in the kitchen.

And in the fabric store I bought a very small piece of fleece fabric:

Fabric for a scarf
When I was a child my mom always told me that red and pink don’t go together and she was horrified if I tried to wear orange and pink! I’m so glad the fashion these days are squirting out warm colors in different combinations like this. I think pink, red, yellow and orange are the best color combo ever! I want to make a scarf out of this, now where are those tutorials I need?

And more, can you handle it?

Bag handle in plastic white - Photo copyright by Hanna Andersson, Sweden #loppisfynd
And this plastic bag that I will write more about in another post I think.

At the different thrift shops I also got two bags of fabric balls, a small piece of 1950 patterned paper and a novel called A thing (or two) about Curtis and Camilla, anyone read it? Was it good?

This weekend I haven’t been to any shops at all, instead I’m making collages on pieces of squared paper and loving it! I work until my cheeks blossom and spread out everything around me on my bed. I’ve always felt I should be more tidy and clean up around me, and I should. But a few minutes ago I came across a quote in the book Writing down the bones where Natalie is talking about how some people are afraid of space and our mind’s fear of emptiness, so they clutter every nook and cranny. Natalie writes, and I love this;

I think it is different with a writing space. A little apparent disorder is an indication of the fertility of the mind and someone that is actively creating. A perfect studio has always told me that the person is afraid of his own mind and is reflection in his outward space and inward need for control. Creativity is just the opposite: it is a loss of control.” (p. 104)

I’m with ya, I’m with ya!