I used my savings and bought a new camera today. It’s thrilling, exiting, great and scary.

Nikon d50

I’m not used to spending money at all, and now when I spend a lot of money lots of thoughts come swirling in my brain:

Did I do the right thing?

Is this thing worth all that money? What if I loose it? What if I can’t use it? What if I change my mind?

And buying a digital camera just for me will mean a lot of time spent by the computer – is that good for me? Will I produce more photos than anybody could ever view? What if I get tired of taking pictures of everything?

Imagine all the other stuff I could do with this money… What if something horrible happened and I need the money later? What if somebody steals it? What if…”

…and so on and on and on.

Right now I’m waiting for the battery to charge for the first time, so I can try how it feels in my hand, against my cheek and eye. Waiting is not a thing I’m great at.

And in the end, it came down to yes, I think I need it! Because I want to take better pictures and develop my photographic skills. I have the money, I don’t have to wait until I’m dying to use it.

I love taking pictures so much, and I have been doing it since I was a kid. Documenting the world around me is one of my biggest joys. And I also love looking at photos, old and new. I can browse through my own photos for hours and forget time when I do.

So I try to ease my mind with happy thoughts of future photos and not think about world economy and conspicuous consumption. What do you think?

Oh, and the camera is a Nikon D50.