We were all born artists of some sort if we care enough to believe it. We all have wide open eyes to support wide vision.
Orly Avineri

Water, brushes and white paint set up
This is my set up.

Because finally I had some time to paint in my Art Journal. I have longed for this moment! There’s just been so much else happening lately that there was not energy for “studio time.” It’s been conferences, events, work, article writing, editing the embroidery mag with lots of computer time. But now it’s time to I say: hello again art journal!

Then when I stare at the already gessoed page in my altered book I’m not sure how to go about this. How do I apply paint and most of all: how do I get the page to look like all the pinned ones in my mind? It’s not what they call a creative block but rather a feeling of being lost. Icki helping out too. Where do I start? How can I get into the flow? I squirt out some red paint and paint some circles on there. Okay, good. That’s a start…

Can't make up my mind page
Not sure where I’m going with this but time’s up for now. This is how I left the page. I will show you how the page ended up in my next post.

What do you do when you have the time to create/paint/draw/doodle but it is still hard to “get going”?