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Exercises that will silence the Inner Critic and nurture your Creativity

Hello to the first of March 2014. Nice to meat you! This month let’s March on, in spite of the IC! To me it seams that February went by like a lightning bolt. Swoosh! I need to get my planner … Continue reading

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In Search of a Compass

I doodled and painted a quick little compass mandala in a fresh notebook late last night. I have been jumping between all kinds of journals and notebooks lately, not feeling completely at home in any of the ongoing books… In … Continue reading

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Inner Hero Creative Art Journal by Quinn McDonald

Giveaway time! Instructions on how to enter to win this book are at the end of this post! But first, let’s look at what this book is about! Inner Hero Creative Art Journal is Quinn McDonald’s newest book. It’s about … Continue reading

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Inspiration | 10 Must Read Articles for the Creative Entrepreneurial Wannabe

A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing. George Bernard Shaw These are a few of many articles that I have been reading lately. If you’re anything like me, … Continue reading

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The No Flow Feeling

We were all born artists of some sort if we care enough to believe it. We all have wide open eyes to support wide vision. Orly Avineri This is my set up. Because finally I had some time to paint … Continue reading

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Meet the Inner Critic

THE INNER CRITIC My inner critic is a she-voice in my head, telling me that I (of all people!) can’t create what I want to create! She encourages me to be lazy and helps me think bad thoughts about myself, … Continue reading

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How to make a Inner Critic Paper Doll

My Inner Critic is a little monster living inside of me. It’s that voice you almost can’t hear but that is still there all the time. It is best friend with low confidence and self doubt. After months of having … Continue reading

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Nikon d50 is my New Camera

I used my savings and bought a new camera today. It’s thrilling, exiting, great and scary. I’m not used to spending money at all, and now when I spend a lot of money lots of thoughts come swirling in my … Continue reading

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