Art Doll | A Second Art Doll is Born

May I present to you my second art doll ever?

Detail of art doll #2 - backside of her head

Backside - detail of art doll #2

I call her miss My – the Creative Muse!

Named after my pink and book-reading friend My and sent of to be the creative muse of Tine in the US.

I’m so proud of this doll, with her sparkly cheeks and happy smile. She has big blue eyes and a enormous heart full of joy for the art! Her veil is made out of a piece of lace from my great grandmothers nightgown! I probably could tell you stories about each and every piece I added to her…

This art doll is made out of fabric, paper, beads, plastic, wood, lace, yarn, stuffings, ribbons, paint and buttons! It’s been totally fun to make her. I have about a thousand ideas or so for more dolls in the future – but so little time… I wanna make so many more! Art dolls is just so me, and I didn’t even know.

Art doll #2 made by iHanna, Swedish Artist

She is also my first sold piece of art! Amazingly cool! Thank you Tine for your encouragement and support – and for buying her from me! It all makes me feel so good about me, her, art, everything. If Tine Wiggens were up for adoption I’d adopt her as my personal Art Mentor! Wouldn’t that be cool? Who wouldn’t want to have a personal mentor helping you out and telling you to go ahead, do your stuff? I should start a Art & Creativity Mentor Program, right? Who wants one, who wants to be one?

You go girls!

Detail of art doll #2 Art doll #2 - detail of eye Detail of art doll #2 - backside of her head Detail of art doll #2

If I’d gotten the weekend photos up earlier I would’ve posted these photos for the theme of Playtime over at Studio Friday – because I had a great and crazy fun time running around our apartment with Jacob, my friend’s little kid.

For our next play time I have to pick out some crayons to doodle and draw with him.

Started a Newsletter

If you would like to know when I will start selling stuff online please join my new Newsletter to get information when that happens! Thank you so much for showing your interest!

7 Responses

  1. I am still peeking in my mailbox all the time and hope My will arrive soon :-) I can’t wait, I am sooo impatient to get my My!

    I was up for adoption already once in my life and it went well so I’m already adopted but then as an art mentor i’m up for adoption again! ;-)

  2. I think that I really should nead a mentor. Someone who tells me to work on my projects instead of surfing the net ;)

  3. Miss My is very Beautiful! : )

    Maria’s suggestion of a ‘get off the net and on to your other projects’ mentor is a good one for me, too!


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