Art Doll Emelie with an ironed on face

At Easter I printed some different faces on fabric (my parents has a great printer) to use for my art dolls. But the art dolls turned to be totally different than the previous ones…

This is Emelie, she doesn’t really have an iron face, right? I think she looks very happy and sweet. Like candy! But she do have a “ironed on” face. I would really like to know what your opinion is about her?! Thanks.

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  1. Hi! Just wanted to say thanks for linking to my blog :-) and also that I really like your art dolls – very creative and definitely original. I really like Emelie’s face and cute little outfit – she almost looks like a fairy of some kind, flying through the air!

  2. Oh my goodness, very creative and cool! I love it. You commented on my site so I followed your link to your page… I love it! I will definitely come back here. i just love your eye for things, and obvious crafty talent!

  3. I love this doll… swaying in the winds, looking all fresh like a tree sprite~


    i agree it’s very straNge but oH so charMing. i wanna put one in my wind0w to bring me good fortuNe~

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