Snow has melted away, of course. But this weekend I did a spread about the winter (cold blue) and one that was warmer (about dreams).

Winter cold (Copyright Hanna Andersson)

We have the same dream (Copyright Hanna Andersson)
We have the same dream.

Thanks Maria for pattern help. I crocheted this granny square, but I think it has too many holes in it to be a warm enough scarf…? But it was fun to make it, I have lots of tiny balls of yarn that I could use… Maybe I’ll just try making a few for a scarf anyway.
Granny square

  • If I’d got the weekend photos up earlier I would’ve posted some fun photos as Playtime for this week’s theme at Studio Friday. It was crazy fun running around our apartment with my friend Jacob! Next time I have to find some crayons for us to play with.