Art Doll Series | I made my first Art Doll this month

Close upAt Month of Softies this month is about a Personal Challenge that we would like to take. I’ve been planning to make an Art Doll ever since I first saw one on somebody’s homepage on the net. They intrigue me, since they can “just be put together” without planing, pattern or thinking of how fragile they will become. They can have so much personality, and take a lot from their creators. Plus the materials can be anything you have in your stash. Doesn’t that sound like it would be perfect for me?

For me many of this summer’s thrift finds have been made with the thought that “this could be an embellishment for an art doll or an art quilt!

Just start Hanna

But to start with something you’ve never tried is difficult. It feels more like a pain than a joy sometimes when you are afraid of failure.

FrontJulia Cameron says that as artist we are not lazy, fear is a block, not laziness. I so know what she means, and I tried to overcome this fear by just starting and not thinking very much.

I sewed together a white torso and stuffed it, then I found magazine eyes and a mouth that I sewed to the face of my art doll. As her clothes and hair developed she got really pink. Pink is my favorite colour. She felt like a muse, a new friend. I’ve named her Iris and I really love that I made her.

She is a little bit Scary

Back of the headBoth my cousin and my boyfriend, who have seen her in reality, has told me they are a little bit scared of her. That she looks mean.

And I agree.

She has fluffy pink feathers and yarn as her hair and a pink dress with buttons and lace – but still she looks strict and she is not smiling. I like that.

She will guard over me – and push away creative blocks that will take form in my life. She will be the muse that inspires me and keeps bad though of not being good enough away from me! I hope.

In her hair I sewed in plastic beads as decoration, and a silk ribbon to hang her up somewhere close to my desk or bed, so that her eyes will see everything.

This personal chalange has really really inspired me, and I want to make more art dolls.

Iris - my first art doll
Iris, my first art doll. She is pink, and my creative muse symbol.

This is how the table in our living room looked when she was born:

Playground or living room table? Both!

** At Month of Softies flickr group pool

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  1. Your doll is very intriguing, and I find interesting the fact that you are interpreting her “scariness” as a mean to, literally, block the blocks! This must be quite an experience, to let go of the thinking and just create. I love to see your art (in each and every form!).

  2. What a neat idea to use a magazine cut out for the eyes and mouth. She will certainly be a good muse.

  3. Oh wow, Hanna!!! She is absolutely AMAZING!! I LOVE her so much, she is so inspiring! Just some arms are missing on her maybe? :-)
    Keep making more of them!!!!!!! You have so much talent!!

  4. Great job! I think lots of first dolls have a scary look. I thought all mine had a Frankenstein look because I wasn’t satisfied with the craftsmenship! I hope this is the beginning of a Hanna world of doll people :-)

  5. Hanna, you are sooo inspiring! I love your new muse! I don?t think she looks mean, but it would do no harm, if she did – in order to scare the inner critic and the creative blocks away! WoW!

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