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When I was visiting the city library I had a very nice time in the craft section. Perfectly placed in front of the knitting books I found a little stool that I sat on as I was browsing through several books!

Stockholm Library

I really enjoyed a book in English called I Love Knitting (subtitle; 25 Loopy Projects That Will Show You How to Knit Easily and Quickly) by Rachel Henderson. This is what my new scarf look like:

iHanna in scarf

New scarf I knitted I just thought it looked like a fun project and it was indeed! Crazy looking, but fun and simple to knit! A great holiday project as I was visiting friends last month when I cast on to make this scarf.

I knitted it with the leftover pink yarn from the yet another sweater project and a white and one red skein I got from Marika, also wool (Artic 100 % pure wool from Norway).

Knitted on 5 mm needles, and then I crocheted a top edge to hit all the threads that I had “following along”.

Pattern is just called two coloured scarf and you can find it in the cool book I Love Knitting. There are several projects in this book that I like as it’s perfect for beginners or knitters like me that enjoy fast and easy projects!

Here it is hanging on the wall too:

Knitted scarf
Looks more like a festive garland then a grown-up wearable scarf, but who cares? It makes me smile.

And oh yeah, isn’t the Stockholm City Library one of the coolest places ever?
Stockholm Library
I love the architecture of this building. Although walking around in there, along the book filled walls, can cause dizziness…

Stockholm Library

I was picking up the beginners spinning kit that I bought from SpinSpiration (great Swedish shop) when I visited the library. I now own a spindle and some nice wool to try spinning on my own with! We’ll see when that will happen though, I’ll keep you posted.

I also updated my ravelry page!