Fab five

Sisters laughing

Yesterday I played with five adorable children when they and their mom Ewa came buy to say hello. You can check the photos out at my Fab five-album at flickr.com! Such cute kids!

And about yesterdays post: All girls had these Scrap Die Cuts in Sweden, I think. I did, my friends did. I still have mine, somewhere. And you didn’t? They are not stickers! They are little cute paper pieces with pictures. Girls collect, trade and saves them in albums. You buy them in toy stores, and if you like em’ vintage you have to pay up! :-)

Don’t miss the monsters at Loobylu and all our Post cards at Myra’s (I’m not looking right now, I’m waiting to go home and check my mail box first)! Super nice galleries to spend some time at!

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  1. I just found your blog…what a wonderful place! I love all your vintage fabrics. and the die cuts are so neat! thanks for sharing all these wonderful things!!

  2. all the girls had them in norway as well! they are called “glansbilder” here. i have no idea if kids today still collect them, but i doubt it.

    i wonder what happened to mine …

  3. In Denmark we have them too… we call them “glansbilleder” almost like the Norwegians :) we used to trade with eachother…

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