Street heart

Street heart

If your are in Stockholm on a weekend, be sure to visit the new market Street. Mom and I went there yesterday and wow! Super cool stuff.

I bought secondhand dresses (2 beautiful; both pink – one was from the 60:ths, Jackie Kennedy-style!) and got lots of inspiration from home sewn bags, jewelery, clothes, papercraft (magnets and earrings etc)… They sell lots of different new and cool designs. Mom bought herself a silver ring with three different pearls and I got a little silver medallion (with pink flowers on!) for my names day (which was today!). Fun, fun, fun!

We came early and were the first customers in one of the booths. As a thank you-present we got to choose a heart in fabric each from the man owning the stuff! I took a red one, mom took a blue of course. Both matching what we wore. Pretty neat huh?

It was a great super sunny & soft shopping day.

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