The second week of my summer holiday starts today. What shall we fill it with? A bit of making, right? Doll making and sewing and crafting, am I right? That’s at least what’s on my agenda.

My creation

Create, create, get inspired and do your stuff girls!

Inspirational Ideas on things to make

There is no time to have a lazy summer around here. There are a gazillion things you could try to make. Here are some ideas that I’m very inspired to try out.

  • Embroidery – I want to to try to make knitted mittens with wool embroidery on
  • Card making – I got really inspired by to make some cards with flying butterflies on – maybe because I got the butterfly punch for my birthday?
  • Stamp carving – I need to get a softer linoleum and try to carve some hand carved cool stamps, it looks so easy. Any idea where to get it in Sweden?
  • Hand sewingHow to make a fabric star – tutorial found on Flickr
  • Making doll clothes – If you own one of those beautiful big eyed Blythe or Pullip dolls I think you should try sewing your own fashion wardrobe for her, there are some nice places online where you can find great patterns for doll clothes. I don’t have one of these dolls, but I would love to some day.
  • Making clothes – I have a skirt in mind that I want to make that I’ve been thinking of a lot. But it looks a bit complicated though, so I think I will wait a bit with this one. I’ve got a pattern for making my own panties, that I’m trying out first…
  • Jewelry – On my list of things to try is to get one of those metallic finger rings and glue stuff onto it, to make my own jewelry. It looks easy and fun, but I need to shop first.
  • Fabric jewelry – You could crochet a bracelet with buttons on. Personally I love the Bracelet tutorial at Mollychicken, no need for shopping here I’ve got the fabric. – CHECK!
  • Sculpting – I found a tutorial (no longer availible) on how to create a doll head in clay, that I’m going to try. I ♥ that.
  • Book binding I’d like to make my own little books. Right now I’m inspired by what Juju does

Doll Making and more

Here are some links to good sites to check out if you want to make make make, sew a bit and then craft.

  • Cloth Doll Making is a big marvelous site where I’ve found lots of patterns. I want to sew the sea horses (!) and a mini doll! And also the cute character DiGi Charat, with great photos in the tutorial, and a bib for drooling little relatives?!
  • And the amount of great stuff there is to make! I just want to make everything over at Photo jojo. Lots of great tutorials on how to use your photos in fun ways. I really like the neat jewel case photo calendar! I love to craft when the supplies are so cheap that they are laying around at home just waiting for you to be inspired.
  • Crochet – A visit to Garnstudio always inspires me to make a list of things I want to knit and crochet. This time I found a top, this cute frog (that looks more like a lizard to me) and a scarf made out of left over yarns. Yum!
  • Oh, and the Clapotis in Swedish!

What is your favourit idea? And what will you make this week (or this summer)?