Scrap Die Cut

Mina bokmärken
They are called Scrap die cut, right? Bokmärken in Swedish! I found this album at our local thrift store the other day. It was 10 kronor and filled with both new and old scrap die cut images, some even had glitter on them! Hurray, I love this!

I also bought two “new” skirts (one denim, one in black and white with flowers on), two paperbacks (on for Dad one for P) and a beautiful children’s fabric with a little bear-pattern (looking like it’s a quilt) – soon to be made into new stuff like more pen cases! Wait and see!

Fun, fun fun!

Scraps die cuts
See, lots of nice images to use in ATC’s, my Art journal or Postcards!

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  1. Paper back for me? Cool! Btw, do you know if I still have “?nglar bl?ser h?rt” at home? Puss!

  2. coola grejor. Det var kul att se alla korten, de ?r j?ttefina, men allra b?st ?r v?l i alla fall din grejor
    puss mamma

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