Let’s have some early link inspiration full of Creative Big Magic? Posting early for a extra lovely weekend, first of Advent coming up and all. Wishing you all the best!

Elizabeth Gilbert quote + Inspiration en masse on Big Magic Things by @iHanna

In this post I am sharing a whole long list of YouTube videos and links to articles, blog posts and fun stuff (and the quote above that you should pin) that I think you should check out when you have the time. En masse actually means in a group; all together.

So all together now: Let’s get inspired!

A creative life is an amplified life. Its a bigger life, a happier life, an expanded life, and a hell of a lot more interesting life. Living in this manner continually and stubbornly bringing forth the jewels that are hidden within you is a fine art, in and of itself.
Elizabeth Gilbert

Maybe this should be a link list of Christmas inspiration, but it isn’t. Sorry if that is the kind of big magic you were expecting. I don’t get into the Christmas spirit until next month and then it will be a bit late for decorating. But I’ve got a few links up my sleeve today anyway, that will make your eyes sparkle like a kid on Christmas morning…

The link list doesn’t have a big magic theme as a whole but at the end there is something that made me name this blog post that, and of course it is always about living a big life in a creative way, It is what I want for all of us, and what I wish for you. I hope you will like it. Let me know in the comments below.

iHanna Loves this For women who live alone, decorating can be a feminist act – great read about independence, expectations and freedom of choice. The author, Beth Hitchcock, writes:

It takes guts to find your style, make decisions and create a home, even when especially when your life may not have turned out as expected.

I have heard this quite a bit myself the past years: Youre so lucky, say all the coupled-up women whove walked through my door. I have a disco ball hanging in the living room, and a whole storage unit full of fabric, art supplies and notebooks…

iHanna Loves this 60 YouTube channels that will make you smarter

iHanna Loves this Follow Studio iHanna on Facebook – I post little art I make and inspiration I see there, and I love connecting with you guys

iHanna Loves this How to tissue paper collage with Lettering Artist Lynn Giunta, found via and posted by Hallmark.

iHanna Loves this Flip through of Scraps Journal – Michelle Reuss-Remy has made her first video, and posted it to her blog. Make sure to enlarge the video because her journal is a delight of happy colors and flowers.

iHanna Loves this Podcast interview with Lisa Congdon about side projects and how to push through the messines, at Art for your Ear by the Jealous Curator Danielle Krysa! Found via Robayre.

iHanna Loves this An Art Material Addicts Guide to becoming a Minimalist Sketcher by Will Kemp

iHanna Loves this Bullet Journal Set Up: November 2015 by Kim Alvarez of the blog Tiny Ray of Sunshine, making me wonder why I don’t have a system for all the things I want to keep track of. But I am about to set it up, for January if not sooner.

iHanna Loves this the care and feeding of creative minds, or why is it important to stay inspired? at Designing an MBA by Megan Auman, who is awesome. She writes:

We take in inspiration and it becomes creative energy.

And just like with food, the higher the quality and greater diversity of what you take in, the more energy you have.

And that greater diversity of inspiration is what leads us to move past the copycat stage and create new and unique work.

iHanna Loves this Designing Softies – a round up of information by Sharon Rollof who makes the cutest kitten softies ever!

iHanna En Masse Link Post of INSPIRATION

Big Magic

I shared that Elizabeth Gilerbert’s new book on creativity Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear was on my wish list already in September, but I guess I could share something from this author each month, because she has a lot of smart things to say – hence the title of this post. Like:

iHanna Loves this Elizabeth Gilbert being interviewed by Marie Forleo on Fear, Authenticity and Big Magic – it’s an hour long but you simply must watch it, and have a notebook handy, you might want to take notes (or doodle) why you listen.

iHanna Loves this Elizabeth Gilberts Guide to Creative Living – well worth a re-visit
What magic happens when you tell your story?

iHanna Love! Commit to the Act of Creating with Sarah Peck, on YouTube by the awesome SoulPancake (who makes important videos that almost always makes me cry a bit).

iHanna Loves this If you can’t see the video above, watch How to Age Gracefully on youtube, because I’m thinking about my age a lot these days…

Oh, and something for Christmas magic:

iHanna Loves this Create a Rainbow Christmas Tree – with Rachel of Lines across blog. I love her rainbow tree! (Also bookmarked her post on How to Take White Background Pictures and will keep practicing this skill for my own blog).

iHanna Loves this Christmas Magic in a bag – check out my Etsy Shop, still a couple of Christmas paper packs left!

iHanna Loves this Craft Ideas for Christmas – my pinterst board has the best pins, so make sure you follow this one in December!

iHanna Love! I have linked to others for many many years, but since I started this series three months ago I fint it’s much more fun to share it all in one big swoop! You get a lot of inspiration in just one post, or at least that is my hope, so let me know if you like it!

iHanna Loves this October’s Inspiration en masse was named Everyday is a good day when you paint, check that one out too. And have a great weekend!