Doing or just collecting?

Na, not doing anything with all the things I buy, not right now. I’m just a big collector of stuff. Even got a new category here in il Bloggo called More stuff! Don’t think any posts there will be really interesting reading, but more of a “I want to record all my stuff so I remember when and why”-category. Just jump to other categories on your left if you don’t want to know what I stuff into my closet!

Button, music and more lace
10 sheets of music notes from the 60’s (for my collages), some wooden and glas buttons and some white lace – all for 60 SEK. It’s for something I’ll make some day…

Pink scraps of second hand fabric
At the same indoor flea market as I got the above finds I got a scrap of checked pink fabric that matches perfect with a scrap of flowery fabric that I bought the other day on the Internet. Looks like a little something for a baby girl or a doll. I really like them, but what to make? I feel I really can’t sew at all sometimes. And when to bring out the sewing machine?