Smilla – the one and only

I am pretty, I know

I have been unfaithful with another cat, I admit it. But in my heart you are still my favorite, Smilla. Always.

Little Miss Sunshine
Smilla visiting

She was just visiting me for the weekend this time, but she found that she likes my windows just as much as I do, though I usually don’t sleep in the window sills…

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3 Responses to Smilla – the one and only

  1. What an elegant cat! Now that it’s hot, all of ours sleep with their feet in the air on the kitchen tile floor.

  2. Pysselfarmor says:

    Just denna helg har jag umgtts med en katt som ocks hette Smilla! Lika fluffig och st som denna Smilla.

  3. Sta smilla! Sknt att se hon kommit fram ur tcket :-)

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