De klassiska stjrnorna

I got my writing going for Jorun, a online friend’s Advent calendar, this year. You can view all the texts she received at the blog Life de luxe, but don’t bother if you don’t read Swedish very well.

A fun thing happened at the Christmas Fair this weekend, a girl presented her self as Jorun’s sister (I just had to take a picture). It is such a small world we live in!

Toast is good

I feel so much inspiration to write right now, I’m glad I’ll be able to bring my laptop to the mountain cabin, because skiing is not all I’m planning to do you know… I have so many great craft books that I want to read (and review here too), plus I’m trying to decide what kind of journal my next one will be… Spiral bound by me or hand bound by me? I want to try so many styles of collage, writing and visual journaling that my head spins.

Are you finished soon she asks

Yesterday I was surfing for a easy sweater to knit on circular needles number 6 that I already have bought for a pink wool yarn that I thrifted this autumn. I’m bringing this project, I’ve printed a pattern that I think will work.

Bird house

All the Christmas cards have been made, packed and sent out, and today is Christmas dinner and breaking-up day at school. Then maybe I’ll have some time to wrap the last gifts and clean the house a bit? Or just sit down and knit for an hour!

Hope you are well, take care.