Winter Schminter (more from my December Journal)

Title: The December Journal by iHanna
Today part II of The December Journal, just a few more pages, some evidence of my own Christmas traditions, found imagery, Winter Schminter postcard and fun ideas all bound together with love (and a spiral spine of course).

Cozy blankets + colour theme
A little collection of Christmas colours: red, white and green. The paper on the left (with orange Christmas ornaments) is a scrapbook paper, a gift from Sister Diane a few years ago! On top of it a few sub-pages…

Page on a page
Hope wrote about her new inspiring project to fill an agenda journal (art journaling can be anything!), and there I learned that “pages on pages” could be called sub-pages. I hadn’t thought about that, but I love sub-pages too! I often create them by taping one side down and letting the other three sides be loose so you can lift the sub-page and have a peek underneath!

Pages within the page
These sub-pages are three layers of magazine images that had nice images/ideas on both sides!

Card from Maria + Ornaments
A white envelope page for later writing (with this years card from my friend Maria L) and a collage of inspiration from magazines.

Candy cane + empty recipe card
Candy canes, animal ornaments (did you notice the white owl ornament?) on gold and an empty recipe card…

Candy canes + gift wrapping
…that you can flip up to see the right page with gifts better (plus advice on “how to create a white winter” glued to the back of the recipe card).

Winter Schminter!
This postcard have been moving around in my paper stash for a long time. I love how darling cute it is but haven’t found the right place for it until now. It is a Mary Engelbreit postcard with the text Winter Schminter! I could’ve sent it to someone because the back is empty, now I am keeping it for me and just sharing it here with all of you. I believe it was a gift from Theresa Smythe once. The right page is a scrapbook paper and a Moleskine writing sticker.

Lucia candles + pink office
Another page for writing (with another label from Marcia + Lucia statues) and a page with yummy pink office supplies. Oh dear!

Christmas images + Christine's postcard
Collage on the left and to the right the most beautiful photo postcard from Christine Clemmensen (I won a giveaway and also received some very cool smaller postcards from her). Isn’t it beautiful? Just had to include it into this book!

Envelope storage + Santa
I believe these transparent envelopes are called “glassine” envelopes (?), great for tucking in gift labels and extras. The Mr. Santa on the right is a vintage embossed scrap-die-cut.

Envelope page + magazine page
Elk gingerbread cookies and an over stuffed Christmas window view.

Recipe + magazine advice
Of course I had to include a print of my own saffron bun recipe card in the December Journal. I zig-zaged it to the wrapping paper using a red thread. The right page is a magazine clipping about how to take care of your bulbs to get the most beautiful Christmas hyacinths.

Wonderful + H for Hanna
The left page is made from an extremely lovely gift bag in cream and gold colours, and on top is a scrapbook “thing” for wonderful moments. The right page has illustrations from old Swedish books that I have made into other things. These two images makes me think of winter: A jumping hare camouflaged in white for snow hiding (but H is for Hanna) and the reindeer herd walking in snow, a common sight in the more northern parts of Sweden along winter roads.

Bear hug + Pig hug
Then the last page for today: a bear hug and a pig hug.

This is posted as Evidence pages in the art journaling crusade it’s a wrap, check out what the other crusaders are doing with wrapping papers and ephemera from Christmas! Until next time…

Big hugs to you!

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18 Responses to Winter Schminter (more from my December Journal)

  1. K Hutchinson says:

    WOWZERS you pages are gorgeous! Such wonderful elements and good memories! SMILE!

  2. again hanna, you blow us away with the layers of interesting items that make the pages special because of the meaning and descriptions you share. FABULOUS! thanks for sharing more of your work with the team! you inspire us all to keep at it.

  3. iHanna says:

    Thanks! I never thought I’d like Christmas imagery as much as I did while putting this book together, hehe, I thought it wasn’t something I could love but now I think I do. Christmas (and the memories of it) is fun! :-)

  4. Sarai says:

    This is beautiful!
    I’ve been reading your blog for about three weeks now, and I’m so glad I found it! I love looking through your old posts while I’m at work, there is so much inspiration throughout this lovely blog of yours. You’ve inspired me to start journaling again and your creativity is contagious. Thank you for updating and sharing your love for art!

  5. iHanna says:

    Sarai, thanks for taking the time to comment! I’m thrilled you are looking back and finding inspiration for your own life. Your blog looks great, nice photos and nice writing, glad you commented so I could check it out too.

  6. pam says:

    My eyes are happy! Beautiful, festive post filled with your journal pages. Inspiring. Uplifting!

    Thanks for the reminders of why I love the holidays so much.

  7. iHanna says:

    Hey Pam, Presidential Mom of Christmas, thanks! Next year I want to see you make a Christmas journal too!

  8. Lay Hoon says:

    The journal pages are fabulous.
    Every pages are filled with ‘love’

  9. Your book is absolutely beautiful. I LOVE the Winter Schminter postcard. How sweet is that? : ) What a fun thing to do. Way to go iHannah!

  10. Evangeline says:

    This Christmas book is wonderful! I am warm & fuzzy just looking at it. :)

  11. cyndee says:

    nice bright cheery pages with lots of red. a good escape from winter hiebernation.

  12. laurie b says:

    such a fun journal! i love all the layers you have in it. what kind of binding do you use?

  13. Mary says:

    Hanna…Your christmas journal is a wonderful keepsake…love all the stitchery you did on the pages!!!

  14. monika says:

    Love the way you do.

  15. Hi Hanna,
    I was over at twitter and noticed you twittered this post, so I thought I’d hop on over–it’s been so long and funny to see you’ve linked me here!
    An old link, I’m afraid–I am at new digs now:

    Glad to see you are still here, doing what you do! I’m back to making books–at least for the moment.
    Happy New Year!!!!

  16. Jane says:

    Well, these pages are stunning!! I also love the idea of ‘subpages’. Thank you for sharing this. You’ve inspired me!!

  17. Chris says:

    This is really beautiful stuff, Hanna. I love how inspiring your blog is. I aspire to that some day. These pretty reds and pinks always pop right out at me! You’ve got it!

  18. Fabulous pages, what memories in the palm of your hand to browse at will.

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