Is the Zip Code / Street missing from an address?

Question: Hi Hanna, I wanted to double check if XX’s address as it appears to be missing the Zip Code? Should it not be some numbers after the state?

Answer: Yes probably, but that is the way that XX themselves wrote in their address. As a hostess I can not double check every address for participants. I just assume you write it in correctly since this swap is for adults only.

Everyone should be able to understand that postcards will have a much easier road to travel if the address is written correctly according to your countries specifications, right?

I will not double check your address for you because you can do this yourself by looking at the form confirmation that is emailed back to you when you sign up. If there is something missing, misspelled or incorrect – all you have to do is contact me and we’ll fix it.

After the email addresses have been sent out it is too late. You might not get any postcards if a zip code is missing for example, so please make sure you write your address correctly. :-)

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