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Creativity at it's best

Listing to Big Al Davis tune Pretty little stream [found via flickrblog] and Lynne Whipple at Hearts Art Radio (and browsing beautiful art in her gallery) by my desk today. I finished listening to Anne Franks diary (as a audio book in the ipod) and cried and smiled, what a writer she was – what a marvelous girl!
I’ve felt lots of inspiration this week, and made lots of ATC and other stuff – see mail I’ve gotten and you’ll understand how come!

Above is a picture of my desk when it’s at it’s best but not it’s most presentable state!

I love pictures of peoples (messy) work spaces and desks and studios – but I always miss the announced “photo days” like Desk Day, and I’ve even seen a Self portrait day, but when is that? Oh, well. I always take photos of my self anyway, specially in mirrors. I love mirrors too! Three of them hanging in my hallway. Some of the blogger girls in craft world seem to avoid showing their face on the web, I wonder why? Reading and seeing what you make makes me curious on who you are and how you look. I can’t help my self posting pictures of me all the time, there are just so many and some are really good too. Go figure!

Sleeping cat

Here are some of this weeks art in ATC size (64x89mm), click on image to enlarge them:

Cat and yarnTree ATC 7

Tree 2Penguin in Antarktis

ATC Tree 6 ATC  Tree 5

ATC Tree - 3! The Yes Flower

The tree ones has birch leafs and was made for a swap arranged over at European atc’s yahoo list, which is a kind and great list for trading ATC’s both in person and in bigger swaps. Join if you are interested in starting.

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  1. I love looking at desks too. No face yet on my blog. Why? A little discomfort about my professional real life clashing right into my blog life. Not ready yet to reveal my thots on knitting and such to people I know in my professional real life. By the way I love the black and white print on your skirt. Hee hee, it is what I may wear on my days off but not in my professional real life! Haha I wonder whether I’m making sense!

  2. You look so pretty in your dress; that’s a wonderful design. Your desk looks so colorful, too. I have two desks because I want to keep the glue away from the computer. But it still seems like there’s not enough room!

  3. Love your new ATC’s! And that dress is wonderful. I love your desk photo too, it looks like a creativity factory.

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