ATC Glory & Joy

Last week was slow mail wise, but this week I got a parcel from Mimi and these ATC’s from around the world! Beautiful pieces of art to enjoy!

ATC glory
Thank you girls – I love them all! Two fun ATC:s from the Anne-Floor in the Netherlands: painted Heaven & Hell plus a beaded Klimt, traded via flickr. Klimt is a great artist, always makes me think of one of my favorite movies with Julia Roberts; Dying young.

Two bewinged ATC:s (right corner of photo) from Shawna, and you can almost tell she is best friend with Terri M who sent me five beautiful ATC too. I especially love the Hawaii one> and the one with the tennis playing couple that is “framed” (fun!).

And Ian of rainwalker-sunstroller and Sulatkamay! Her inspiring point and shoot ATC is now living with me, plus 2 of her great Lomo pictures!

Thank you all!

Napkin swap return
Napkin swap return

I also got a big pack of ATC’s from the Napkin swap I participated in over at Artist Trading Cards Yahoo group! The cards I got are really cool and special, and the thank you note I got from one of the participants by e-mail is still making me happy. She wrote to me (and I’m just posting it here to remember when I feel I can’t make a thing and am no good at all):

i received one of your cards in the napkin swap and wanted to take the time to let you know how much i appreciate this ATC. your card is covered with very pretty roses. i love the way the card feels, the texture is great.
thank you for joining this swap and again, i am thrilled with your card.

That feels nice! The Napkin swap cards was fun to make, I made all my cards in a great frenzy mood, and enjoyed it a lot (I think I might have them all scanned in the computer at my parents house…). The only disappointment was that I didn’t get nine peoples cards, instead I got two from Cat, two from Pattie and one of my own back! :-/
Strange, but all are nice so I guess I shouldn’t complain? Nah, I won’t.

Fabric ATC by the bed
And – believe it or not – I also got a beautiful fabric ATC from Fiona Chan (of blog leap-of-faith) in New Zealand today. I hung it on my wall beside my bed, next to the first ATC (also fabric) that I ever got, from Anna S. And they go well together too. I really like this green one!

Thank you ladies, so much – you are great and swapping makes me so happy!

Oh, and I’m trading to get this ATC, by Ron Huxley. Isn’t it beautiful?

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  1. hanna, all your atc swaps are lovely! makes me want to try my hand, but i need to get some other projects done first. so nice to meet another hanna! i think they are great!

  2. Great! Lots of beautiful ATC’s! When I’m returning home I expect to find as much ATC’s in the mail too. It’s simply a great concept!

    By the way, I love your blog. Beautiful layout!

  3. yay!!! it got there safely. i’ve been worrying about it for days hahaha. glad you liked the stuff. til next time!

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