Goodies from Mimi Kirchner

Vintage card

Mimi Kirchner of the blog Doll (who creates dolls that looks like little vintage children) was giving away some fabric that she didn’t need. I think it was found at her mother’s attic – it still has a distinct smell of that intriguing and musty attic air… I was quick and got the best package, and Mimi added so much extras in the big goodie bag envelope that I received this week that I’m having a hard time trying to stop smiling!

This is what I got:
Stuff from Mimi
The linen fabric is vibrant in colour and would make great curtains in our mountain cabin. I’ll have to measure the windows next time we go there.

Little thingies
Plus I got a book, some ribbons, doll eyes, buttons, dress patterns and silk roses. What a feast for eye and hand!

Fabric from Mimi
Also got small but valuable scraps of pink fabric that I adore!

Thank you thank you Mimi, you’re the best!

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  1. Vilka gottisar! Fina tyger!
    Och ja, stolen är jättefin som den är, men färgen är klumpigt påmålad och flagar så det sticks… Inget bra jobb. Blir finare med ny färg. :)

  2. What a lovely gift, I suddenly found myself wanting to make a doll when I saw those blue eyes. I also love your Regia socks. You are so creative, iHanna, your blog is inspiring!

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