Blue fabric
Here is a better picture of that cute fabric I bought earlier. I’ve sent some to mom, because blue is her colour.

I browsed through a Second hand shop outside of town last week where I don’t go very often since it’s to expensive for my taste. They accept peoples old stuff and sell it for them, which means the seller has set a price and there is no bargain! Boring. But this time I made some nice finds:

Kid's stuff
In a box I found some small plastic bags with different kinds of small toys bundled up together. I got a pile of Monopoly money and four very cute Barbie stamps with birds and a butterfly on! I really like these stamps a lot.

Blog recommendation of the week

Two great arty mom’s:
If you have kids or really like kids (or hate kids and just want to read about em’), I think you should visit Stephanie’s blog Stephanie skriver and read her wonderfully cute stories about her boys and life. She is a great writer.
I also think you should visit Kaleidoscopic Kris whose blog I found a couple of days ago. She does lovely art and I knew I was coming back to read more when I read her post about Mom’s art camp! That is the kind of mom I want to be one day.