Ugly old books gets New Clothes

Ugly old booksDo you have a lot of ugly books that you really want to keep but not look at? I do.

Some are bought from the library (and therefore covered in ugly plastic) or, like the new English-Swedish dictionary, with ugly bright colours that you don’t want shining in your eyes every time you look up a word.

In a Swedish home furnishing magazine (I don’t remember in what magazine) I found this great idea: They had wrapped a whole pile of books in beautiful fabric. I took that idea – and now I’ve dressed some of my books in wrapping paper from IKEA (I’m going budget here!).

But the trick is not the wrapping, but the computer made labels that makes the books look old fashioned and beautiful. I made mine in Illustrator.

Measure the spine of the book and adjust the font size to how wide it is (the bigger the better/easier). Then print the labels on a black and white printer and glue them on the wrapping paper when you’ve wrapped the book! Easy and lots of fun!

Three of my books in wrapping cover
So, here are the three books that got me started. Better huh?

Books in the window
Books in the window. Now you could actually use them as adornment around the house… I think books are beautiful.

Even more books in new dresses
I thought this was great fun, so I made a whole pile extra. And then I thought about the cooking books… they are gonna get new dresses soon! And if you want to give away some special book to a friend why not write their name on the cover!?

Handledsv?rmare med p?rlor fr?n mamma
This is what I’ve been wearing in front of the computer today. Mom-made handknitted and pure wool. Sweeeat!

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  1. You have too much time on your hands! ;-) But seriously, that was actually quite a nice idea for really ugly books. Although you must admit there are a lot of beautiful book covers out there as well! Like…ehm…ah…let’s see now…

  2. Oooh, that is so coool! Just wish I had the time to do it… cause ugly books I have a few! ;)
    Pretty wristwarmers!

  3. excellent post! i LOVE the books and the labels look completely perfect on them. great idea!
    also – how did you know i have been lusting after “pulsv?rmare”??? at the top of my knitting list when i get back to knitting.

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