The mess on my desk

Sticker lady in swing

What’s on my desk is the crafter’s version of YouTube’s “what’s in my bag” I guess. And all I can say is: my desk is always messy, except maybe when I’m on vacation which hasn’t happened this year of course.

But for the curious, who wants to know… here’s a photo of the state of current mess, I mean affairs…

On iHannas desk always a mess

Things glued in, things that shall be glued in – always piling up. Tape, stickers, scissors, ephemera, pencil case, tape holder a glue stick (of course!), pens and cups of more pens in the background…

Journal on my messy deskÄkta skönhet är tidlös – real beauty is timeless.

Wishing you a great day.

Oh yes. All swap e-mails have been sent out, contact me if you can’t find yours (although I am sure I’ve sent it out so I don’t mind at all if you write me nicely). Me I’ll keep trudging along on a book (that you can still pre-order it to get it delivered when it’s freshly finished) I thought would be fun to create…

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  1. I can definitely relate to the messy craft desk! Mine is usually messy (but isn’t it wonderful to be surrounded by stuff you really like?!), but I’ve found there’s a tipping point between messy that allows me to be creative and messy that makes me turn around and walk away. I have to find that happy balance, which means every couple months I try to clear everything off my desk. It’s daunting for me when it’s totally cleared off, but once I start filling it with stuff I love again, I really enjoy creating. I guess it’s like most everything in life, we seek balance.

    Thanks for sharing pics of your desk! Fun to see what your interests/inspiration/current happy things are!

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