There are a lot of materials floating around here right now. I do a little bit of crafting every day, mostly knitting or my free form embroidery stuff as well as some wool embroidery started in May. As I jump from this to that I am making a mess around me, as usual.

Tomorrow I’m going to clean up my main table so that I can have guests over without being too embarassed. Right now there is not one table where you can put down your coffee cup without moving a ball of yarn, a pin cushion or a pencil case…

I feel like I’m not finishing anything, but in fact, two knitting projects are almost finished, and one embroidery is hanging on my wall waiting for me to snap photos of it. And my glittery icon project from way back is also hanging on the wall, now with a dymo message under it:

Madonna: Bless ya all!

Bless ya all! I thought it needed a bit of humor to it.

Bless ya all my darlings!

What say you?

Today felt lonely, tired, hungry and without energy to tackle cleaning, grocery shopping or anything else. Then for some reason I sat at my messy desk and finally started working on a collage, with some painted papers I found in my stash after some digging. And all the joy came back. Here is the first finished collage since I don’t know when:

Collage in the works

Now I’ve been sitting at my work desk for hours sifting through collage papers. Gluing, folding, crafting. I don’t want to go to sleep, even though it’s almost dark outside already…

What’s floating around where you are right now, in your mind and/or on your desk?

PS: The sweet image captcha plug in died on me yesterday, and the new one is invisible (it’s called WP Captcha-Free) and non-intrusive to the readers, but it is keeping spam bots away (so far, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a while still). Please feel free to try it out by leaving a comment, my blog thrives on comments.